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Lavin's Top 10 Retail Speakers Navigate the Future of Selling

Between the growth of e-commerce, the rise of direct-to-consumer brands, and the proliferation of digital technologies, the retail industry has been subject to tremendous change. Here to help guide us through—and ensure the consumer experience is as frictionless as possible—are Lavin’s Top Retail Speakers. 

Doug Stephens: Everything about how, where, when, and even why we shop is changing, says consumer futurist and retail expert Doug Stephens. But this doesn’t mean the death of retail—it’s simply a transition. In today’s and tomorrow’s retail landscape, the media is the store, and the store is the media.

Why Going to the Store Is an Experience | Doug Stephens


Joe Jackman: Being raised in a time of civil unrest inspired Joe Jackson to embrace what most of us fear and resist—change. Today, he is North America’s premier “reinventionist,” leading some of the most inspiring retail transformations of the 21st century. In his debut book The Reinvenionist Mindset, Jackman reveals the essential principles organizations need to thrive in an era defined by disruption.

How to Create The Reinventionist Mindset™️ | Joe Jackman


Amber Mac: Tech reporter and life-long disruptor Amber Mac explores how digital is changing the consumer-brand relationship in unprecedented ways, whether it be a shopper walking into an tech-enabled experiential store, a chatbot offering customer service online, or brands employing virtual shopping tools for their customers.

Unite 2018: CEO Tobi Lutke and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Fireside Chat


Anthony Tjan: How can you get ahead in an age of disruption? By rethinking your industry, says progressive venture capitalist Tony Tjan. When he founded his company MiniLuxe, he wasn’t just opening another nail salon. He was reinventing the nail salon by importing best practices from other industries and applying them to the beauty space. In his retail talks, he reveals how to tap into the shifting needs of the modern consumer with flexibility and adaptive thinking.

Good People - Leadership In The Digital Age (Tony Tjan, The Cue Ball Group) | DLD New York


Maureen Chiquet: Retail in the 21st century may be complex and ever-changing, but Maureen Chiquet shows us how to stay one step ahead of the curve. As the former Global CEO of Chanel, she was credited with growing the business three-fold. And in her talks, she reveals the qualities a leader needs to steer a brand through the ebbs and flows of disruption.

Leadership Speaker Maureen Chiquet: What Happens When We Value Feminine Leadership Qualities?


David Sax: In his acclaimed book Revenge of the Analog—named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times—author David Sax argues that retail needs a sense of balance. In his talks, he shows us best-case examples of fusing digital wonders with tangible experiences to outsmart their competition and win in a crowded marketplace.

David Sax: What's On Your Shelf?


Bonnie Brooks: Bonnie Brooks was the first woman to lead the iconic Hudson’s Bay Company—Canada’s oldest retailer—and the person responsible for bringing it back to growth and relevancy. In her retail talks, she shares the lessons she’s learned from spearheading the company’s legendary turnaround, and how you can apply them.

2012 Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Gala Keynote by Bonnie Brooks

Bianca Bosker: Bianca Bosker, a New York Times bestselling author and contributor at The Atlantic, explains how we can use all of our senses to foster deeper relationships with products and experiences. As more and more people buy things online, and the physical store becomes a place to have experiences rather than shop, “forgotten” senses like taste, touch, and smell will offer retailers a competitive advantage.

'Cork Dork' Author Talks About Her Journey With Wine


Joe Mimran: Club Monaco. Alfred Sung. Joe Fresh. Some of the retail industry’s most recognizable brands can be attributed to visionary thinking of Joe Mimran. With Joe Fresh, in particular, he pushed the envelope to provide affordable clothing to a broad audience in an accessible way—from inside a grocery store. His talks reveal how he took a niche idea and transformed it into a global business. 


Joe Mimran: Managers—What’s the Secret to Inspiring Teams?


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