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Navigating Our AI Future: Lavin’s Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Once the stuff of dystopian nightmares, artificial intelligence has become an essential part of our daily lives. Today, AI recommends our products, routes our taxis, predicts our Internet searches. Tomorrow? It will be a tool as fundamental as electricity. Lavin’s Top 10 artificial intelligence speakers help us navigate the changes to come.

Radhika Dirks: There are so many opportunities for AI to empower us, says Radhika Dirks. A quantum physicist by training, Dirks now runs the world’s first “moonshot” factory for AI, where she creates the kind of technology that will enhance human potential beyond our wildest dreams. For her innovative work, she was recently named one of the top 30 women advancing the field.

Embracing Novelty in AI Design |  Radhika Dirks


Ajay Agrawal: What is artificial intelligence, really, if not cheap prediction, says Rotman professor Ajay Agrawal. In his book Prediction Machines, he breaks down the AI revolution in simple, economic terms—providing investors, CEOs, policy makers, and entrepreneurs with the actionable insights they need to take advantage. And Agrawal certainly knows what he’s talking about: as the founder of the Creative Destruction Lab, he runs the program with the highest concentration of AI start-ups in the world.

AI Keynote Speaker Ajay Agrawal: AI Will Drop the Cost of Prediction—and Change Entire Industries


Amber Mac: In the award-winning Accenture podcast The AI Effect, technology reporter Amber Mac investigates how artificial intelligence is transforming entire industries. How might AI help us overcome challenges in food production? What is its evolving role in financial services? And will AI-powered advancements in healthcare eventually augment our human potential? Mac thoughtfully dives into the questions, interviewing global leaders in a thriving AI ecosystem.

Innovation Speaker Amber Mac: Saving Lives with Artificial Intelligence


Jeremy Gutsche: Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche is a master of disruptive thinking. And what has disrupted the world more, in recent years, than artificial intelligence? Using his wit, magnetism, and unparalleled business insight, Gutsche makes sense of how this new technology will shake up every industry.

What is the Future of AI Integration? | Jeremy Gutsche


Martin Ford: Martin Ford considers some of the most pressing questions emerging from the robotics revolution. His first book, the McKinsey award-winning Rise of the Robots, contemplated the jobs we will have in the future, while his newest release, Architects of Intelligence, interviews leaders on the front-lines of AI development. Reliable and sincere, Ford has become one of the leading voices in AI precisely because of his willingness to investigate the hard questions.

AI and the Future of the Human Workforce | Martin Ford


Nicholas Thompson: Technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum—it affects our culture, politics, the economy, and society at large. Documenting the impact is WIRED editor Nicholas Thompson. Though he is a tech optimist, he thoughtfully examines the developments and repercussions of artificial intelligence from every angle.

Confronting the Social Biases in AI | Nicholas Thompson


Nita Farahany: Neuro-ethicist and scholar Nita Farahany considers the ethical implications of “mind-reading” tech that blends neuroscience and artificial intelligence. She asks, what is our neurological data worth? And what will it mean when it becomes readily available to the public? If we are to make the most of this next frontier, we’ll need the transparency and guidance offered by leaders like Farahany.


When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy? | Nita Farahany

Jonathan Brill: The most invaluable asset an organization can have? A strategy in place for making sense of the future, says Jonathan Brill. As the Global Futurist at HP, Brill thinks about the social, economic, and technological shifts of tomorrow—and how we can best prepare for them. His understanding of artificial intelligence is broad and far-reaching, touching on how the technology will influence everything from our workplaces to the global supply chain to the environment.

Automation & the Future of Workflow | Jonathan Brill


David Rose: The power of AI is exponential, and it’s disrupting just about every industry. MIT lecturer, futurist, and AI product designer David Rose works tirelessly to make technology dissolve easily into the fabric of our daily living. Whether it’s restoring our physical abilities, or ensuring the safety of our streets, he maintains that AI offers us a new organizing principle for modern life.

Inventing enchanted objects | David Rose | WOBI


Tom Wujec: In his rousing innovation talks, Tom Wujec—the former ‘Chief Disruptor’ at Autodesk—reveals how artificial intelligence has transformed design and manufacturing. From machines that learn in ways no human ever could, to printers that create three-dimensional objects out of fascinating new materials, disruptive technologies are permanently changing the way we make things. 

How Does AI Help Us Become Better Designers? | Tom Wujec


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