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Three Elections in Five Years Is A Lot: Rick Mercer on the Canadian Election

In an article on Canada’s current Federal election, Rick Mercer offers a blisteringly hilarious rant that offers cloud-parting illumination on our country’s political system, why it’s broken, and why — ultimately — it still matters. Writing at Macleans.ca, the host of the top-rated Rick Mercer Report holds no punches. “Three elections in five years is a lot,” Mercer writes. “I have baking soda in the fridge that is older than the Harper government.” Funny, sobering, and right in the way that common sense is almost always right, Mercer’s bracing article is a must-read for Canadians as we head to the ballot boxes.

From Macleans.ca:
This election certainly started out with a bang. My prediction that the Liberals would at the last minute run away and hide behind the dumpsters on Parliament Hill, avoiding the vote they triggered, did not come to pass. The government was defeated on a confidence motion because they were in contempt of the Canadian Parliament—a vote that Stephen Harper immediately claimed did not occur. He didn’t argue about the semantics of the vote; he simply denied it happened at all, preferring instead to believe his :government was defeated on the budget. There is evidence to the contrary: he was there and it was on TV, but still, as far as he is concerned, it didn’t happen. Some people might consider this inability to understand or admit to what is happening in one’s immediate surroundings systematic of a small stroke or a severe concussion, but in Ottawa it’s just a symptom of spending too much time around people in the PMO.

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