this week at lavin | October 22, 2012

This Week at The Lavin Speakers Bureau: Neri Oxman, Jessica Jackley, Reza Aslan [VIDEO]

It’s been another busy week at The Lavin Agency speakers bureau. In the second of our ongoing series of rooftop catch-up videos, David Lavin talks about getting a personal tour of the MIT Media Lab from design speaker Neri Oxman, who’s doing some incredible work with biomimicry and materials science. (Her carpel tunnel syndrome gloves are a site for sore wrists!) David also threw a few parties. The first was for our friend Rupinder Gill, who was celebrating the US launch of her memoir, On the Outside Looking Indian. The second was for Lavin speakers—and real-life married couple!—Reza Aslan and Jessica Jackley, who just moved to New York. Many guests came out for both nights, including colleagues from The New School, the literary world, and other speakers and interesting people. That’s it for now. Till next week!

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