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Level Up During Isolation: These Podcasts Featuring Lavin Speakers Will Make You Smarter

As we continue to socially distance ourselves in the name of safety, we have more time than ever to catch up on books, movies, and podcasts. This round-up of podcasts featuring Lavin Speakers will not only keep you entertained, but challenge, inspire, and motivate you to create real change.

Lavin Speakers as Hosts

Derek Thompson: Crazy/Genius
Over the course of three seasons, The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson has considered some of the biggest philosophical questions surrounding technology, science, and culture. Whether it’s analyzing the role of artificial intelligence in the criminal justice system, or debating whether or not we should go to Mars, this series is a fascinating examination of how tech is shaping the world of today—and creating the world of tomorrow.
Douglas Rushkoff: Team Human
The world seems to have been taken over by autonomous technologies, runaway markets, and weaponized media, says Douglas Rushkoff. But It doesn’t have to be this way. In his celebrated podcast Team Human, the bestselling author helps us remember—and nurture—our connection to humanity through no-holds-barred conversations with his famous guests (including many fellow Lavin speakers)!
Amber Mac: The Feed

Every week, digital entrepreneur Amber Mac and her co-host Michael B. showcase the latest in the world of technology and social media on their show The Feed. Each episode has a broad scope, with the duo tackling everything from remote work to STEM education to the environmental future. It’s accessible, informative, and perfect for anyone who needs tips and tricks for navigating a new work-from-home lifestyle.
Katherine Milkman: Choiceology

For five seasons now, behavioral scientist Katherine Milkman has been exploring our irrational decision-making as human-beings in an effort to answer the question: can we learn to make smarter choices? A mixture of science and story, this captivating podcast helps us improve our judgement, develop good habits, and increase our chances of success.
Scott Barry Kaufman: The Psychology Podcast
Proudly “stimulating your brain since 2014,” The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman dives into the intricacies of the human mind, brain, behavior, and creativity. Many Lavin speakers—from Angela Duckworth to Steven Pinker, to Lori Gottlieb—have appeared as guests, joining Kaufman for a provocative conversation that reveals the depths of our human possibility.


Abdul-El Sayed: America Dissected
The second season of Abdul El-Sayed’s popular podcast is dedicated to answering urgent questions about the coronavirus pandemic. An epidemiologist by training, El-Sayed made his foray in progressive politics in 2018 and has become a leading voice in the fight for change since then. He is uniquely qualified to explore the impact of this public health emergency, as well as guide us through.


Lavin Speakers as Guests

 Lori Gottlieb: The Tim Ferriss Show

David Wallace-Wells: The Joe Rogan Experience


Miscellaneous Lavin Speakers: The Longform Podcast
A weekly conversation with a non-fiction writer detailing how they tell stories, The Longform Podcast has featured numerous Lavin Speakers. Check out interviews with Nikole Hannah-Jones, Lori Gottlieb, and Paul Tough, to name a few!

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