environment | October 28, 2012

The Value Of Water: Conference Speaker Charles Fishman In Atlanta

Charles Fishman wants us to start thinking more seriously about our water consumption. At the Smart Water Solutions for Atlanta conference, the speaker shared some staggering metrics that could bring a new-found respect for the value of water to even the most skeptical citizens. He told the audience at the conference that: "The United States consumes more gallons of water in a day than the gallons of oil we consume in a year, and the U.S. population consumes more gallons of water in four days than the gallons of water consumed by the rest of the world’s population in a year." No wonder his best-selling book is called The Big Thirst. When we put our consumption into perspective, it's easy to see why we may be facing serious shortfalls of the vital resource in the near future.

When it comes to re-evaluating how we use our water, Fishman told the audience that it wasn't about, "re-inventing the wheel." Rather, North Americans should be looking to other places in the world (Australia, for example) that are making use of the resource in a more efficient way. Especially, he notes, in the case of storm water. Instead of expending all of our energy and resources trying to get rid of the water from storms, we should be harnessing, filtering, and re-using it.

Fishman, an investigative journalist, specializes in business innovation and social responsibility. His recent keynotes have addressed similar themes as those presented in The Big Thirst. He explains how precious water is, and argues that making better use of our water is beneficial not just for the sake of the planet, but for a company's or government's bottom line. He has written extensively for Fast Company and National Geographic, and Fishman's compelling plea for water is eye-opening. He leaves audiences with a new understanding of the invaluable resource, and urges us to change our habits now—before it's too late.

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