cities | March 04, 2013

The Urban Tech Revolution: Richard Florida On Miami's Creative Class

"Cities are incubators of innovation," says Richard Florida in his presentation at Startup City: Miami. Launched by The Atlantic and The Atlantic Cities (where Florida is a Senior Editor), the conference saw Florida and other leading entrepreneurs, tech experts, and cities speakers explore the potential of Miami's innovative ecosystem. As of late, the city has experienced rapid growth and a surge in both entrepreneurship and creative ventures. The close proximity of creative individuals in cities like Miami creates a hub of creative potential. Florida explains that the creative capital that exists within cities "levers productivity and spurs innovation." 

As Florida notes, Miami has a metro of over 5.5 million people and produces over $230 billion dollars in economic output. To put that into perspective: Miami's metro is economically equivalent in size to that of Singapore or Hong Kong. "[The city and state as a whole] has become a beacon for urban transformation," Florida says in the talk. "Miami has become a veritable laboratory for the blossoming of creativity." Now that they have achieved this, he says it's time to take the next step. Miami, and cities like it, need to continue their transformation in order to remain a viable creative hub in the global market over the long-term.

In his work, Florida examines the rise of the creative class and how cities and companies can leverage the inherent potential lingering in cities to its full potential. In his seminal work, The Rise of the Creative Class, and in his talks, he expands on these ideas. He provides communities with the tools to generate and maintain economic prosperity in their regions, and corporations with the ability to compete and succeed in the creative age.

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