leadership | March 19, 2013

The Turnaround League: CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon Joins Lavin

Fresh off a 100th Grey Cup that entertained (and united) the country, Lavin is proud to introduce our new exclusive speaker, CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon. Under his leadership, we’re experiencing a Canadian Football League resurgence. Its position as a cultural institution, as a sporting mainstay, and—perhaps most importantly—as a beloved national brand has not only solidified, but has expanded substantially since Cohon took over in 2007. In keynotes, Mark Cohon talks about how he turned a struggling league into a near-perfect case study on business reinvention that is revered by rival leagues, other businesses, and marketing programs.

Cohon was recently profiled in The Financial Post magazine, in a cover story touting the league’s newfound successes (and its remaining challenges). Cohon is a leader first and foremost, and he provides his audiences with key takeaways on how to lead any organization into uncertain waters. He cut his teeth at the higher reaches of the pro sports world, at both Major League Baseball, where he was Director of Corporate and Game Development, and at the National Basketball Association, where he was Director and Group Manager of International Marketing, Managing Director of NBA Europe, and Vice-President of Business Development. When the CFL gave him the opportunity to head up his own league, Cohon was more than ready to apply everything he’d learned—and then some—to his new role as Commissioner.

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