authors | April 18, 2016

The Single Life: Kate Bolick’s Spinster Available in Paperback

Last year, author Kate Bolick made a huge splash with her debut book Spinster, hailed by Malcolm Gladwell as “a provocative and moving exploration of what it means for a woman to chart her own course.” And, starting today (April 19th), this New York Times bestseller is also available in paperback from Broadway Books—complete with an additional original essay and reading group material.

In Spinster, Bolick examines a rapidly growing trend in America: women are marrying later and in fewer numbers. Why is this the case? What does it say about modern women, and men? And what does this emerging demographic mean for marketers, advertisers, policymakers, and more? In the book, as in its accompanying keynote, Bolick approaches these and other questions with her signature incisiveness and enthusiasm.

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