environment | November 13, 2012

The Roots of An Ecoholic: Adria Vasil Didn't Grow Up "Green" [VIDEO]

Adria Vasil, a leading environmental columnist and author of the Ecoholic book series, says she didn't grow up "green." Her father owned a McDonald's when she was growing up, she reminisces in a Lavin interview, and she was "a hard core carnivore until [her] dad was told, when [she] was ten, that he was going to die within 5 years if he didn't change his ways." From then on, Vasil remembers a swift overhaul of her family's eating habits that favoured healthier meals. "It was steamed vegetables and fish, five days as week," she recalls. "As a kid going from buckets of KFC, to that—I was not happy, initially," she jokes.

Everything seems to have snowballed from there, she said. She started regularly watching the news with her father and became aware of the things going on in the world around her. Talk of acid rain and rising pollution rates eventually inspired Vasil to do something to make a difference. As a pre-teen, however, there weren't many radical things she could do, so she instead focused on making little changes toward eating and living more sustainably. Eventually, she said, she became more deeply involved in environmental activism. She now appears regularly on CBC News and CTV's Canada AM and has authored a series of books providing readers with practical ways to eat and live better. In her popular columns and lectures, Vasil doesn't preach. Rather, she is, "pro-awareness" and her fun and informative talks focus on making smarter choices that help not only your health and pocketbook, but the planet as well.

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