business strategy | December 14, 2015

The Nexus of Tech, Culture & Politics: Introducing New Speaker Ari Wallach

If you want to stay competitive and responsive in today’s economy, you’ll need more than narrow-field expertise. Major economic, political, and demographic shifts overlap with new disruptive technologies, consumer habits, and products—and the key is in seeing how things intersect. That’s why top leaders turn to futurist and social innovation strategist Ari Wallach. As Fast Company’s new expert on emerging trends in business and culture, Wallach understands how being on the forefront of innovation means aligning practices with what’s good for your industry as well as the world at large. As our newest keynote speaker, he’s helping governments, NGOs, and corporations see the big picture of what’s ahead—to act today, with intelligence, for tomorrow.

As CEO of Synthesis Corp., the New York-based strategic consultancy, Wallach has worked to drive innovation with clients such as CNN, VW, Sephora, and the US State Department. He’s either founded, led, or had a major role to play with huge endeavors such as INFORUM at the Commonwealth Club, the Seed Media Group, re:think media, and ‘The Great Schlep’ of the 2008 presidential campaign (a viral sensation involving Sarah Silverman and 25 million video views). He’s worked as commissioner for the City of Berkeley in California, sits on a number of advisory and non-profit boards across North America, and is now an adjunct associate professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. And these roles and titles just scratch the surface of Wallach’s experience.

Wallach offers two distinct keynotes. The first is nothing less than a wide-scale, holistic analysis of the most important shifts and realignments facing all businesses. For Wallach, too many futurists and future-thinking companies focus exclusively on technology. For a broader, more complete purview, he shows how politics, sociology, the environment, the arts, religion, and other cultural forces—and yes, technology—each have an equally profound impact on your work. Importantly, this is a talk for any business; Wallach’s “18 Megatrends” is a fully customizable, research-driven, and zeitgeist-friendly keynote that’s perfectly adapted to every vertical and industry, no matter who you are or what you do, to help you stay agile and prescient.

And to help reconnect with the why of your work—or to rediscover the deeper, more meaningful motivations behind large-scale business and philanthropy—you’re well served by Wallach’s “Longpath” talk. In this keynote, he introduces a trans-generational ethic: a big picture understanding of the world, our place in it, and how we can contribute to future generations, with the aim of helping CEOs, executives, stakeholders, and other leaders think beyond the quarterly or annual review. We want to leave a positive footprint on our organization, and on the world to come. And in this talk, Wallach helps us create significant, lasting legacies—and impacts we can be proud of.

Anticipating the future is tough, but it doesn’t mean you need a crystal ball. You just need a futurist. In particular, you need Ari Wallach—an expert guide for the future of your company, your industry, and the world.

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