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The Legacy of Ivanka Trump: Vanessa Grigoriasdis Joins Virginia Heffernan in Conversation for Slate

In the latest episode of Trumpcast, a Slate series rounding up the latest in Donald Trump news, host Virginia Heffernan discusses the baffling first daughter with journalist and fellow Lavin speaker Vanessa Grigoriadis

Ivanka Trump is in the news nearly as often as her often as her controversial father. Trumpcast host Virginia Heffernan and award-winning journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis are both fascinated with Ivanka, once a member of New York society, now a seemingly self-appointed advisor to the president. Grigoriadis even hosts her very own program on the subject, a New York Magazine production called Tabloid, which dissects Ivanka’s transformation from party girl to political princess. In it, she wonders what will happen to Ivanka once her father’s reign in the White House is over. For her essay in The Cut, Grigoridis writes, “These days, in her role as ambassador for Trumpism and relatively silent witness to family separation at the border, Ivanka has instead incinerated everything about her reputation that once insulated her from accusations of complicity with her father.”


In “Ivanka and the Reckoning of New York Society,” the newest Trumpcast podcast, Heffernan and Grigoriadis share stories that give context to who the first daughter really is—and what she has become.


You can listen to more of their conversation here.  


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