the lavin agency | October 27, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: Recession-Proof Nerds, What It’s Like to Get the MacArthur Call, A Female War Journalist, and Revising Bush

In this Lavin Weekly, Derek Thompson translates the Bureau of Labor Statistics 10-year forecast; Nikole Hannah-Jones talks about her recently announced MacArthur fellowship; Eman Mohammed explains what it’s like to be a female photojournalist covering war; and Rich Benjamin warns the world to take off its rose-colored glasses—Bush’s history should not be revised. 

1. “Nerds and nurses are taking over the US economy.”

In The Atlantic this week Derek Thompson breaks down the 10-year employment forecast recently released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “The fastest-growing jobs through 2026,” says Thompson, “belong to what one might call the Three Cs: care, computers, and clean energy.”


​2. “Schools are segregated because white people want them that way.”

Vox interviewed Nikole Hannah-Jones this week to talk about her MacArthur fellowship, the role of investigative reporters, and why housing segregation is the gateway to all segregation. “This is the story of the black experience. People want hope. They want to believe things are getting better for black folks. What I’m arguing … is that things will never be right. An improvement doesn’t make things right; it just makes them a little better.”


3. “My frustration … became my inspiration.”

“Why would a woman cover war?” a question Eman Mohammed has been asked a thousand times. In Witness this week, she answers it: “By finding my way to the hidden stories of women’s violated rights and the aftermath—with a woman behind the lens and one in front of it—my work became my passion, but not my accomplishment … I realized that all the other factors became irrelevant when making the photo was about the connection between me, the messenger, and my subject, the original storyteller.” 


4. “Bush teed up the anti-intellectual rage that became the emotional touchstone of Trumpism.”

In The Washington Post this week, Rich Benjamin reminds us not to let George W. Bush’s recently circulated speech on democracy fool us into rewriting history: “The brewing Bush nostalgia helps the public forget how Bush helped make Trump possible in the first place, even as he now wants to distance himself from Trump (and vice versa). Americans may like to forget history. But this year is showing us in real time that we are, indeed, doomed to repeat it.” 


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