the lavin weekly | August 25, 2017

The Lavin Weekly: America's Drug Crisis, Making a Ulysses Pact, Klosterman’s Titles, The Uncanniest Valley, & IBM Predicts the Future

In this week’s Lavin Weekly, Laurie Garrett proves that America’s drug problem is exactly that: America’s problem; David Eagleman draws useful lesson’s from an ancient fable; Chuck Klosterman talks about the ups and downs of his long journalism career; Virginia Heffernan reminds us that the internet isn’t reality; and Leah Hunter breaks down IBM’s prediction of the future.  

1. “Mr. President, America cannot become the world’s addictive drug supplier.”

Today’s most addictive drugs are manufactured by legitimate pharmaceutical companies, most of them located within the U.S, raking in profits with no regard for how their products are consumed. In her Foreign Policy article addressed directly to the president, Laurie Garrett explains how this is happening and what can be done to stop it.   

2. The only thing between you and your better self is your brain. 
David Eagleman, neuroscientist, bestselling author and scientific advisor on HBO’s Westworld, pulls a poignant lesson from an ancient fable in this Big Think video. It’s called The Ulysses Pact and it can help you be your better self.

​3. “You want people to read your work and come away with an idea they didn’t have before.”

Chuck Klosterman would like you to know that his new book is the Roman Numeral for 10, and not the letter X. He also talks about his long career, the art of interviewing famous people, and whether or not football will disappear in this candid podcast interview with Recode Media


​4. “To read novels, hear recorded music, or scroll through Instagram is not to experience the world. It’s to read it.” 

In Wired this week, author Virginia Heffernan pens an urgent reminder that the internet is a decent facsimile of life, but it’s not the real thing. 


5. Do you know what life will be like in five years?

IBM’s Five in Five is out, in which top scientists put together a report on what the world will look like in five years. Innovation expert and author Leah Hunter breaks down their findings for us in Fast Company, laying out how the predictions will impact us on a personal level.


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