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The Lavin Weekly: The “Anti-White Bias,” Ageism, Meaning at Work, America’s Rogue Populace, & A Collaboration for Trans Rights

Our busy speakers are always making the news, both literally and figuratively. The Lavin Weekly is a handy curation of our favourite speaker stories of the week; stories in which we see our speakers doing what they do best: making the world a smarter place. 

Last week we had Nikole Hannah-Jones’ thoughts on the alleged anti-white bias; Ashton Applewhite’s rousing new TED2017 talk; Emily Esfahani Smith explaining how to extract meaning from the menial; Andrew Bacevich’s essential read on what went wrong in America; and finally Molly Crabapple, partnering with an incredible group of talent to showcase a powerful history of the fight for trans rights.  


The U.S. Justice Department’s already limited resources are being wasted on investigating so-called anti-white bias in the university admissions process. Award-winning New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones, well known for her personal, powerful and paralyzing writing on race, has some thoughts. She shared them with Democracy Now.


Ashton Applewhite’s candid and passionate plea to eradicate ageism—what she believes is the next big “ism” that needs addressing—was met with emphatic applause and a standing ovation at TED2017 in Vancouver. Watch the newly released video now.


“People who see their work as a form of giving consistently rank their jobs as more meaningful,” Emily Esfahani Smith writes in the Harvard Business Review this week. And every job is a form of giving, it’s just a matter of rejigging your brain to see it that way.


“Trump is not cause, but consequence,” argues military historian Andrew Bacevich, whose often brutal but necessary critiques of American policy are hard to ignore. His captivating essay in TomDispatch last week urges Americans to worry more about the culture which led to a Trump presidency, and less about the president himself.   


Singular artist and journalist Molly Crabapple collaborates with a dream team of talent (which includes the incomparable Laverne Cox) to present a stunning and heartbreaking history of the fight for trans rights, particularly poignant in the wake of Trump’s threat to ban transgender individuals from military service. This is a must watch.


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