marketing | October 15, 2013

The Human Algorithm: New Speaker Sara Critchfield of Upworthy

People are just as hungry to consume content about meaningful issues as they are about celebrity gossip. That's what our new speaker Sara Critchfield has proven with the runaway success of media company Upworthy. Critchfield is the Editorial Director of Upworthy, “the fastest-growing media company of all time” (Fast Company) that accounts for 20% of all social media activity across 5,000 media companies (Simple Reach). The website curates highly sharable, social-issue driven content that flows organically into our online lives. Upworthy’s mission is to draw attention to important social issues (like racial profiling, body image, and child poverty) by making the content just as shareable as cat videos. Critchfield’s innovative approach to marketing, big data, and human algorithms—as well as her steps to making content go viral—have made Upworthy a huge hit. In her keynotes, she talks about how she achieved success and shares insight on marketing, big data, and the power of the human algorithm.

Wondering how Critchfield's speech can help your organization? Check out this summary of one of her popular speech topics to get an idea:

As of March 2013, social media surpassed search engines as the largest discovery source for news and information. That means SMO (social media optimization) will make or break your marketing strategy over the next few years. While SEO (search engine optimization) techniques made traffic predictable and steady (great for advertising-based revenue models), SMO techniques tend to rely on hit-based traffic
and user engagement. In this talk, Sara Critchfield explains how Upworthy is pioneering a way to get traffic from social platforms that is just as predictable and stable as SEO-based traffic, by investing in human pattern discovery in conjunction with algorithmic pattern discovery—not just algorithms alone. Content creators and marketers need to know how to appeal to the people who have the power to hit the "share" button. By discovering the human algorithm, valuable information can be leveraged for better results, less marketplace vulnerability, and higher ROI.

Formulating a theory of the human algorithm as it relates to your specific audience and product is essential for every company to do from scratch; it cannot be boiled down into a one-size-fits-all strategy. This customizable keynote breaks down this complex methodology and explains how to generate exponentially more traffic and conversions than a SEO strategy could ever provide alone. And, Critchfield dives into the practical how-to: effective social media marketing techniques; achieving virality through the three main ingredients in Upworthy’s success story—packaging, product, and distribution; and emotion-driven decision making that contextualizes big data and balances data-driven decision. This talk is an absolute must-hear for any company trying to get ahead of stagnant digital marketing strategies and make real inroads online.

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