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The Future of Urbanism: Lavin's Cities Speakers On The Modern Metropolis

Can the city you live in make you happier? How can innovative infrastructure make the urban core more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint? Can we work with nature, instead of against it, when designing a thriving metropolis? These are questions that Lavin's roster of top notch cities speakers tackle in their keynotes and groundbreaking research. With the "TEDxCity2.0: A day of urban inspiration" event coming up next week, and the "TEDxBerlin City 2.0" event just recently passed, now is a perfect opportunity to spotlight some of the movers and shakers designing the public spaces we call home. With such a large proportion of the world's population either living in, or moving to, cities, it's crucial we design them to be healthier, lively, and functional for all who reside there. (To book a cities speaker for your next corporate or private event, contact The Lavin Agency).

Check out these three featured cities speakers to see what the cities of the future could look like:

 Mitchell Joachim: A TED Fellow and partner at Planetary ONE, Joachim    
 adapts sustainable ecological principles to new developments in architecture, 
 transportation, and environmental planning. Some of his projects include an
 intelligent "soft" car that prevents traffic fatalities and grafting living cells into green residences Joachim is drafting an exciting template for our future cities. Check out his presentation at TEDxBerlin City 2.0, or his recent talk at the DLD Conference to see him expand on his mind-bending ideas in engaging keynotes.

  Alex Steffen: Rethinking our urban design is crucial, the Carbon Zero author
  argues. Contrary to popular belief, cities can be microcosms of sustainability when they're built with climate change prevention in mind. In his TED Talk, "The shareable future of cities," Steffen says: "By mid-century, we're going to have 8 billion, perhaps more, people living in cities or within an day's travel of one." He suggests that one way to reduce the carbon footprint of those people is to make our cities denser. That cuts down on the amount of emissions generated from transit. As he points out: "The most sustainable trip is the one you never had to make in the first place."

  Charles Montgomery: This Happy City author explores the intersection of urban design and the new science of happiness. Want to know how to make you citie a happier place to live in? Montgomery has 10 tips for living a more content urban life. Why does this award-winning journalist and urban experimentalist study cities? Check out this great interview to hear Montgomery's take on the importance of urban planning. In his talks, he presents he shows us how we can work together to help our cities flourish, and, how we can be happier living in them.

To book a cities speaker like Mitchell Joachim, Alex Steffen, or Charles Montgomery for you next event, contact The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau.

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