digital and social media | March 03, 2013

The Cult of Evernote: Rob Walker in Bloomsberg Businessweek

"The promise is that Evernote saves your ideas," Rob Walker writes in a new feature in Bloomberg Businessweek, "[it] documents your meetings, archives articles, reminds you what your kid wants for Christmas, and coughs up the business card of Plaid Jacket Guy from that conference in Scottsdale." The digital note-taking tool (which Alexandra Samuel praises in her article in The Harvard Business Review) has amassed 50 million+ users worldwide—and with that kind of a fan base, it's no wonder those who use the tool have become digital note-taking junkies. "Once you get it, they say, you live and die by Evernote," Walker writes.

In the feature article, Walker explores the culture of the Evernote-obsessed and digs deep into the company's expansion into the business market. One of the newest columnists at Yahoo!, Walker writes about technology and culture. He is also an expert on marketing and consumer behavior, offering invaluable insight about what makes the things we buy so important to our lives. What he discovered with his Significant Objects project was objects themselves are not necessarily important to us—it's the stories that we tell about them that give them value. Evernote users are telling quite a story about the app—one that showcases how deeply connected to their lives the app has become. In his talks, he expands on this idea further. He shares lessons learned from his various creative projects and explains the true meaning of value and how we decide what objects we connect to—and which ones we throw away.

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