artificial intelligence | December 30, 2019

The Age of AI: Martin Ford Joins Robert Downey Jr. in a New YouTube Original Series

The Age of AI is an 8-part documentary series exploring the newest, most innovative applications of artificial intelligence and machine-learning. Lavin speaker Martin Ford—the bestselling author of Rise of the Robots—joins superstar host Robert Downey Jr. in the brand-new Youtube Original production.  

There is no doubt about it: artificial intelligence will change the world in the coming decades. In fact, the transformation has already begun. The Age of AI, a new docuseries narrated by Robert Downey Jr., examines the powerful reverberations the technology has already had around the world, its nascent potential to advance the human race, and the difficult questions that arise from its profound progress. For instance, is AI capable of making art? Could it heal, enhance, or even superpower our fallible human bodies? And could there be a world in which a robot is considered a romantic companion?


As a McKinsey-award winning author, software entrepreneur, and TED mainstage speaker, Martin Ford has a unique perspective on the evolution of artificial intelligence. He lends his expertise to the series as a consultant behind-the-scenes, and steps in front of the camera for an on-air interview as well. Check out the trailer below, and watch the full episodes here.


The Age of A.I. | Official Trailer

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