innovation | October 14, 2012

TED Fellow Anab Jain's One-Of-a-Kind Design Studio

A future-facing designer, TED Fellow, and a new Lavin exclusive speaker, Anab Jain is changing the way design studios operate—and therefore, expanding the possibilities of the entire design industry. As the Founder and Director of Superflux, Jain and her team are doing things a bit differently: the studio is part consultancy, part laboratory, with each section working separately while in tandem. The consultancy is client-facing, offering bespoke services to science labs, art galleries, and comapnies like Nokia, and Microsoft—with whom they created "Rethinking Machine Intelligence" projects, like re-imagining RFID devices and creating 'smart' products to "help us be more expressive, creative and reflective in our daily lives, particularly in the context of the home." The lab is a research space where new ideas are developed and tested—like their bottom-up tools for managing urban growth. By relying on the 'sweet spot' of unexpected and contrasting synergies, and combined with a steady stream of new ideas and provocations, Superflux hopes to meet the unique demands of the twenty-first century in a more positive and direct way.

Superflux is particularly interested in the ways that emerging technologies interface with the environment, and how they function in everyday life. The studio is in a one-of-a-kind, unprecedented and exploratory role; and as a speaker, Jain is in a rare, important, and timely place to discuss their findings. In practical and refreshing talks, Jain reveals the benefits and surprising outcomes of this new business model, and how it can—and should—be applied elsewhere in the business world.