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Teachers and Twitter: Jennifer Corriero Talks About Technology in the Classroom

This sign-of-the-times tweet — from education speaker Jennifer Corriero — just caught my eye: “Teaching a teacher about twitter right now ;)”. How very 2011! How very Jennifer Corriero! A world-renowned expert on new technologies and their role in the classroom, Jennifer is the co-founder of TakingITGlobal, an acclaimed social networking site — one of the world’s first, by the way — that enables hundreds of thousands of youth around the world to engage in their communities. She’s also the Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Youth Task Force. In one of her keynotes, Jennifer talks about taking the brave — and, well, inevitable — step of smartly incorporating technologies into the classroom.

From Jennifer Corriero’s Lavin Speakers Page:
This interactive talk shows educators the ways in which their students’ own experiences can be put to use to measurably improve the learning process, for students and teachers alike. Though many students possess great knowledge in various areas, most notably the Internet, it is often treated as separate from, rather than integral to, the classroom. Corriero knows first-hand that the classroom setting sometimes fails the best and the brightest in this regard. But this talk isn’t about failure. It’s about success. Specifically, it’s about the practical things that educators can do to make their students vibrant contributors to their own education, as well as their classmates’. Corriero’s talk, full of examples, case studies, and no small amount of optimism, provides a new way forward for student involvement and class interaction. 

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