environment | October 25, 2012

Stocking The Shelves: Adria Vasil On Effective Consumer Complaints [VIDEO]

When Adria Vasil goes to her local grocery store with a hankering for a certain food, only to find that her craving can't be satisfied because the store doesn't carry it, she says something about it. Chances are, you have experienced the same thing. You trek to the store to purchase a certain item but have to settle for something else because the grocer hasn't stocked the shelves with what you wanted. When Vasil, an environmental columnist and author of the popular Ecoholic book series, stopped by Lavin's Toronto office, she explained that it's okay to ask for what you want.

Despite the fact that all of us probably have, at one time, been dissatisfied with the selection at our local store, it's not very often that we speak up about it. "People don't want to seem like they're just whining," Vasil said. However, she explained that it isn't really whining or complaining if you are just having an honest conversation about why there isn't any in-season fruit on the shelves, for example. After speaking with local grocery managers herself, she was told that a few people speaking up are what makes changes on the shelves. It only takes a few, she said, because to a store owner, "[those few] represent a hundred people that are thinking it but not doing it."

With a strong desire to make healthier and more environmentally friendly choices in life, it makes sense that Vasil would ask her local stores do the same. She speaks to the importance of community, explaining that we are all working and living together, and that making better choices is a group effort. In her talks, she stresses the importance of detoxifying our lives—but does so without preaching. Her writing and media appearances come highly recommended, and her advice has won her not just critical acclaim, but also the trust and respect of her audiences.

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