work | August 21, 2012

Speaker Mike Rowe is Forbes' #10 Most Trustworthy Celebrity

Getting down and dirty at some of the most grueling and messy jobs there are has earned celebrity speaker Mike Rowe the #10 spot on Forbes' “Most Trustworthy Celebrities list.”

In his popular Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs, Rowe has rolled up his sleeves and held down more jobs than virutally anyone in the world since the show aired in 2005. Paying homage to the thousands of hardworking Americans employed in less-than-glamorous careers has undoubtedly given him mass appeal within the blue-collar community, as well as anyone interested in what it means to do meaningful work.

Portraying the value that exists in an honest day of hard work (in both his show and in his talks) has earned Rowe an Emmy nod and, perhaps most notably, the trust and admiration of everyone who has to get up and go to work every day.

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