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Sociology and the Swipe: Introducing New Speaker Jessica Carbino

“Why aren’t they swiping right?” 

It’s a question plaguing millions of users of Tinder, the ultra-popular dating app, and one to which Dr. Jessica Carbino may have the answer. Carbino is Tinder’s sociologist, and her work—and keynotes—dig far beneath the surface of looks-based decisions, exploring the fascinating worlds of human behavior and choice architecture. How is emerging technology—omnipresent apps, big data, smartphones, and more—transforming the way we make personal decisions? What can a relevant, modern case study like Tinder tell businesses and marketers about desirability, options, and behavioral economics? What’s guiding our swiping finger—and has it changed the way we meet and fall in love?


Carbino earned her PhD from UCLA, where her research centered on dating and romance on the modern, digital playing field. In her dissertation, she culled data from an array of dating sites and focus groups to figure out which qualities individuals find most attractive in a romantic partner. And in her current position at Tinder, she conducts product tests, analyzes user data, and aligns social needs with mobile product and UX—in short, she knows more about online dating than just about anyone. 


Jessica Carbino: The New Market-Based Logic of Dating


She also has a compelling counter to those who might write off Tinder as superficial. “A photograph is a window into someone’s personality and demographic background,” she tells LA Weekly. “People have the ability to glean a very large amount of information about somebody in a very short period of time.” In fact, the app’s parameters may be more true to life than many of its competitors: in the real world, our first evaluation of any potential mate is often a snap judgement, based on looks. To Carbino, hailed by LA Weekly as the “Dr. Ruth of the swipe right generation,” modern love isn’t just romantic; it’s highly rational. 


Featured in major news outlets including The New York Times, TIME, Cosmo, and New York Magazine, and appearing on major TV programs such as Good Morning America, 20/20, and HuffPost Live, Carbino and her fascinating, practical insights into the world’s most popular dating app are gaining traction. Wonder why your profile isn’t as match-worthy as you thought? Ask Dr. Jess. 

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