politics & society | November 05, 2018

Amidst Increasing Polarization, Robb Willer Teaches “Moral Reframing”—a Method for Making Your Message Heard

Leading into the 2018 midterms, we’re in the most polarized political climate since the Civil War says Robb Willer, Stanford social psychologist and new Lavin speaker. In timely keynotes and brilliant workshops, Willer explains and teaches a technique called “moral reframing”—a rigorously tested method of persuading people to see and empathize with the other side.

So why exactly do liberals and conservatives tend to talk past one another, instead of to one another? Willer’s must-watch TED talk (viewed over two million times) explains why it happens and how we can fix it. 
How to have better political conversations | Robb Willer


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