digital and social media | January 14, 2013

Social Media Week: Jessica Jackley & Tonya Surman On Collaboration

Technology is undeniably changing our lives and shaping our future. Perhaps one of its greatest assets is its ability to foster collaboration and cooperation between people across the world. As part of Social Media Week, Jessica Jackley and Tonya Surman will discuss the collaborative benefits of social and digital media. The Internet has allowed us to share our collective intelligence with others to achieve meaningfully impact the world; something that both Jackley and Surman have done to great success.

Jackley is the Co-Founder and former Chief Marketing Officer of Kiva. One of the first microlending peer-to-peer websites, it was named as one of The New York Times Magazine's Best Ideas in 2006. She also teaches a class on Entrepreneurial Design for Social Change at Drew University where she shares her highly regarded insights with budding social entrepreneurs. Jackley speaks to the way technology can make positive changes in the world by connecting people across the globe.

Surman is the founding Executive Director and current CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation, which also effectively harnesses the power of social collaboration. CSI houses nearly 350 different non-profits and social enterprises that not only share overhead costs—but also freely exchange ideas and innovative ways of thinking. Her newest book, The Community Bond: An Innovation in Social Finance is a case study of the effectiveness of open innovation and collaboration. In her keynotes, she explores the trends in social innovation and explains how to wield the collaborative process to make long-lasting societal changes.

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