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Smashing Stereotypes with the Greatest Female Chess Player of All Time, Judit Polgár

At just 15, chess prodigy Judit Polgár became the youngest Grandmaster in history, surpassing Bobby Fischer’s seemingly unbeatable record. Now, the game’s greatest female player speaks on what it takes to shine in male-dominated fields and on cultivating raw talent—on and off the chessboard.

Judit Polgár’s ascendance into chess mastery is extraordinary. At age five, she beat a family friend without glancing at the board. At eleven, she beat her first Grandmaster in competition. And by 15, she had become one. She climbed the men’s ladder like no woman had done before, attaining a peak ranking of #8 in 2005, and retired nine years later, leaving 11 defeated world champions in her wake.

Giving checkmate is always fun | Judit Polgar


Polgár is an inspiring keynote speaker and a model for women and girls looking to break through in boys’-club industries. In November of 2016, she signed on to become a Planet 50-50 Champion in support of UN Women for her role in “breaking gender stereotypes and glass ceilings.” Polgár and her team have also developed the award-winning Chess Palace educational program, which uses chess as a learning tool to unlock creativity, problem solving, and decision-making skills in children.


Looking for a lively speaker on gender parity, education and creativity, high performance, and perseverance? Look no further than Judit Polgár.


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