economics | August 01, 2019

Save Tomorrow, Tomorrow: Schlomo Benartzi’s TED Talk Picked as One of the “5 Best on Money” by Yahoo! Finance

People seeking information on how to improve their finances often turn to the Internet for help over the advice of a professional. Yahoo! Finance has compiled a list of the most beneficial TED talks on money and included in the round-up is economist and Lavin speaker Shlomo Benartzi.  

Save More Tomorrow is a program that Shlomo Benartzi devised in collaboration with Richard Thaler from the University of Chicago. It relies on a concept called behavioral finance: a unique blend of psychology and economics that tries to understand the money mistakes people make. In his TED talk on the subject—watched over a million times—Benartzi explains how you can take an understanding of the common mistakes, and turn it into a behavioral solutions that help people save.


Our tendency to choose instant gratification over future gratification is what’s holding us back. But Benartzi expertly illustrates how we can overcome those challenges and save better.


Shlomo Benartzi: Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

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