business strategy | April 03, 2013

Seize Every Opportunity & Embrace Failure: Business Speaker Debbie Travis

"Most entrepreneurs don't go around slapping themselves on the back," says business speaker Debbie Travis, "they're always thinking of the next thing, they're kind of groupies for challenge." Travis definitely fits that description. She herself wasn't content to stop expanding her empire after she hit it big in the design scene. Even though she blazed a trail in the home decor industry, creating a wildly successful television show and housewares line, she pushed herself to branch into a multitude of different industries. The key to her continued success? Admitting that you aren't perfect, and that you are probably going to fail at some point in your career. However, as she stresses in a recent interview, it's those failures that "make you who you are."

As she notes, it could take you a lifetime to bounce back from a failed venture. But, if you are successful once, you can be successful again. Trust your instincts and go after what you want in life—but don't ignore the realities of the world. Maybe your first attempt, or your fiftieth, doesn't go as planned. But once you learn from the mistakes you've made you can improve upon what you got wrong the first time and do it right. She also stresses the importance of grabbing opportunities when they strike you—because they may not come around again.

An accessible and engaging speaker, Travis has a natural stage presence honed from years of working in broadcasting. Her talks are extremely customizable and she draws on years of experience in a multitude of industries to give tailored advice to every audience she speaks with. From tips on marketing and personal branding to advice on starting a company or balancing work and life once you've started down that path, Travis shares her personal story and teaches her audiences how they can also become the smash-hit successes.

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