innovation | August 25, 2015

See Like an Ethnographer: Leah Hunter on Embracing Your Vision

Renowned cultural ethnographer and tech forecaster Leah Hunter gave an inspiring keynote, dubbed “How to See the Future,” at the International Startup Festival 2015. The talk identifies three key methods to embrace your natural creativity, follow your intuition, and see the world with refreshing curiosity. While certainly reflective of Hunter’s own personal experiences, these insights are also informed by her intensive research following Fortune 100 brands and some of the biggest thinkers in technology, culture, and design. Her findings will be compiled and presented in a book and multi-media video/audio series entitled The Future Hunter—and Volume 1 arrives in January 2016.

“You actually create the future,” Hunter says. “Every thought, conversation, idea, intuitive sense you have—and every way you share that with other people—changes what our world becomes. You have the ultimate creative power to change our world.”