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Is Your Phone Trying to Kill You? Ryan Holiday Explores the Concept of Stillness with Vanity Fair

The wildly popular author of Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy, Ryan Holiday is back with a new book. His upcoming Stillness is the Key, set for release in October, offers insight on how to slow down, avoid distraction, and live a meaningful life. The bestselling author joined Nick Bilton on Vanity Fair’s The Hive podcast to discuss the book’s timely lessons, and how we can cultivate stillness in our own lives. 

In a world characterized by a workaholic culture, non-stop news cycle, and an unwavering dependence on our devices, there exists a growing desire to slow down. Stillness is something we’ve realized we have too little of, and wish we had in greater supply. Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the Key takes the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and applies it to modern life.


Holiday suggests that people from earlier civilizations were more deliberate and more conscious about cultivating a sense of stillness. His book strives to help readers do the same. Speaking to Hive host Nick Bilton, Holiday shared several ways he’s changed his lifestyle, including putting some distance between him and his devices. Nowadays, Holiday only uses his social media apps on his computer, regulates texting to his personal life, and doesn’t touch his phone in the mornings.


“I don’t feel like I’m missing out, but what I found that it’s done is reduced my overall dependance on the phone,” Holiday explains. “Because I’m not starting my day with it, it’s not my companion through the day. It’s just a less significant figure in my life overall.”


You can listen to the full podcast here.


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