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The Beauty of Labor Day: Ryan Holiday Examines the Balance of Work and Leisure

In a new opinion piece for CNN, bestselling author Ryan Holiday discusses the importance of leisure and the merit of Labor Day. 

“As a holiday, Labor Day is a bit paradoxical. We honor work… by not working. How could that possibly be right?” wonders Ryan Holiday in the opening sentence of “The Beauty of Labour Day,” his latest op-ed for CNN.


Today’s society has come to value a culture of “hustle and grind”: working long hours, coming into the office on weekends, dedicating ourselves tirelessly to our craft, our career, our calling. Our devices, so filled with addictive pleasures, also act as the invisible tether keeping us attached to our work, no matter the day or hour. Taking a day of institutionalized rest seems at odds with the work-as-worship lifestyle we’ve created.


While Holiday notes that the impulse to work is a good one (“Sloth is considered vice for a reason”), he maintains that having a sense of balance between hard work and restorative leisure is an imperative. “We need to insist on time away from our work and from our devices, so that we can recover and restore our minds,” Holiday writes. “Culturally, we must understand that nobody succeeds when they are burned out. Bleary-eyed employees are a sign of a bad manager, not a good one.”


Leisure and rest is a theme that Holiday explores in his upcoming book Stillness is the Key, hitting shelves October 1st.


Read the full CNN article here.


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