authors | October 16, 2017

The Reviews Are in: Salman Rushdie’s The Golden House Is “A Great Gatsby for our time”

Sir Salman Rushdie has won every top literary prize and even received a Queen’s Knighthood for his “services to literature.” Simultaneously timely and timeless, his fiction walks the delicate line of critiquing the present without feeling fleeting.

When it was announced that The Golden House would be an expansive critique of the Trump era, critics were eager to watch Rushdie do what he does best. A month after its publication, here’s what they’re saying: 


  1. “Rushdie puts his finger on the nationwide identity crisis in this novel of race, reinvention and the different bubbles of US life.”—The Guardian


  1. “A Great Gatsby for our time.”—Kirkus (starred review) 


  1. “Ambitious and rewarding.”—Publishers Weekly 


  1. “A recognizably Rushdie novel in its playfulness, its verbal jousting, its audacious bravado, its unapologetic erudition, and its sheer, dazzling brilliance.”—Boston Globe 


  1. “It begins as a clever metaphor, veers almost into self-destructive excess before becoming something not only true, but profound and moving … The Golden House is a fairy tale for our time.”—Toronto Star


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