middle east | February 03, 2011

Religion Speaker Stephen Prothero on Why Egypt 2011 is not Iran 1979

In his latest article for CNN.com’s Belief Blog, religion speaker Stephen Prothero explains why the political uprising in Egypt is not similar to the Iranian Revolution of 1979, as some have suggested. Stephen lists four reasons:
1) Sunnis are not Shiites

2) El Baradei is not Khomeini

3) The Audio Cassete is not the Web

4) President Obama is not President Carter
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As a speaker, Prothero talks about the lack of religious literacy that plagues the world, all with the delivery, wit, and humour of a stand-up comedian. Religion is a powerful social motivator, and it is crucial for our decision makers to understand the different religions of the world as well as the differences between them in order to make fully educated decisions.

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