politics & society | November 17, 2020

Reckoning with White Supremacy: Introducing New Speaker Kathleen Belew

The Lavin Agency is proud to announce its new speaker and white supremacy historian, Kathleen Belew. Author of Bring the War Home, Kathleen shows us that with a sustained attention to the white supremacist violence of our past, we can avoid future terrorist attacks designed to undermine American democracy.

The Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 was the largest deliberate mass casualty on Amercian soil between Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Yet unlike those actions, most people don’t understand what that attack was, and what it meant. It was not the work of “lone wolves,” but rather the crescendo of a string of violent attacks perpetrated by a broad, deeply networked social movement: the white power movement. This was a movement that brought together an array of Klan, neo-Nazi skinhead, and militia activists in outright war on the federal government.


We are now decades, if not generations, into this activism, which has killed Americans, damaged infrastructure, and represents the single largest terrorist threat to the United States. And we still don’t fully understand it. As a white supremacy expert, Kathleen decodes the movement’s worldview, actions, and planned attack on America, and teaches us how to prevent it from destroying the democracy we so cherish. 

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