give it away now | February 04, 2013

Receive a Copy of Alex Steffen’s Carbon Zero, About the Future of Cities

Alex Steffen’s new book, Carbon Zero, is a striking consolidation of his strengths: it lays out in clear, bold, and urgent language a practical plan for living—and thriving—on our planet in “the age of climate consequences.” In order to spread his timely message, The Lavin Agency has teamed up with Alex, who we’ve worked with for years, to give away free copies of Carbon Zero in eBook, mobile, and even PDF formats. If you want a copy (and the book is really good: concise and hopeful), please write us at Title your email “Alex Steffen’s Carbon Zero.” It’s as easy as that. We’ll email you a copy that you can download to your eReader of choice—and which you can start reading right away.

The focus of Steffen’s book, thrown into the spotlight by recent events such as Hurricane Sandy, is how to build and retrofit strong carbon neutral cities that become prosperous economic hubs. “Our cities,” Steffen writes, “give us amazing opportunities to reduce our climate emissions while improving both our economy and our communities.” Steffen is the founder of Worldchanging. He has spoken at TED several times (check out his Sharable Future of Cities talk, embedded above!) and he is a commanding on stage presence—offering solutions, one after another, for how to build bright green cities in a world where more than half the population now lives in urban centers. One of the pleasures of working at Lavin is the ability to help spread some truly worldchanging ideas. Please do take advantage of this free book offer! We look forward to hearing from you!

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