arts and pop culture | April 24, 2013

Reading for the Love of It: Steven Page Gives A New Keynote

"There's not a sporting bone in my body," arts speaker Steven Page tells the crowd in his latest keynote. "I tended to like to sit in my room and listen to music and read books." At the Reading for the Love of It 2013 conference, Page chronicles the path he took from a kid on the soccer field (with zero interest in the game) to an award-winning musician. From the time he was a child, Page loved reading and writing. Later, he dabbled in other artistic hobbies, such as visual art to live theater. He says his experiences singing in the school choir and being a part of musicals gave him a sense of his love for music. While he admits to not necessarily planning to become a professional musician back in those days, he did know that he wanted music to be a significant part of his life.

Page also notes that he originally wanted to be a writer, and feels fortunate to have known teachers and mentors who encouraged him to read and write. Engrossing himself in literature gave him a sense of adventure and escape—something that he draws upon in his songwriting. Extremely sharp-witted lyrically, Page's literary influences shine through in his performances. In this talk, he is dynamic and switches between telling heart-felt stories about his influences to cracking casual jokes. Charismatic and introspective, Page delivers applicable, and entertaining, performances to a wide array of audiences. He shares his own personal experiences while inspiring others to pursue their passions.

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