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Rahaf Harfoush: Digital Literacy Must Go Beyond Social Media

"Everything is changing," Rahaf Harfoush writes in a new blog entry. "Is your business ready?" New technologies can make a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of an organization—something Harfoush discussed at a recent keynote about how to effectively leverage crowdsourcing and new media in the health care industry. "It’s not enough to digitize old processes, and slap an “e” on whatever legacy system has been in place for the past few years and declare [that] your processes have been digitized," she explained in the post. Rather, health care practitioners
need to make better use of the technologies at their disposal to provide more efficient care. After all, their patients have already begun to do so on their own. Many patients are taking charge of their own care: from apps that remind them of when to take their medications, track their progress after a treatment and educate them on the effects of medications and procedures. Harfoush advises health care organizations (and all organizations) to work with digital technicians to help improve their digital literacy. Companies need to bring themselves up to date with their clients.

She also notes that becoming digitally literate requires that an organization learn more than simply how to navigate social media channels. "The organizations that will thrive in this new digital economy will be the ones with leadership teams that understand the broader technological issues that are facing their industries," she writes. This means thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to help their clients. This kind of thinking is something that Harfoush promotes with her consulting agency Red Thread Inc. She also provides similar advice in her keynotes, where she shares the latest digital trends with her audiences and inspires them to take innovation a step further to do something truly unique and different.

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