politics | September 08, 2013

Rachel Maddow Reviews Breach of Trust, by Military Speaker Andrew Bacevich

In the New York Times this weekend, Rachel Maddow reviews Breach of Trust—the “abrasive, heartbreaking new book” from Andrew Bacevich, a retired colonel and leading military intellectual. According to Maddow, Bacevich writes about the military “in a manner that makes you wonder how anyone covering politics can write about anything else.”

The latest in an astute series of books on the use and abuse of military force, the West Point graduate’s new tome, Maddow writes, “starts from the assumption that our modern militarism is unsustainable and unwise.” Bacevich, a Lavin speaker, spares no one in his appraisal of what’s gone wrong: He is critical of the public, the media, the Pentagon, the contractors, and the politicians. In her Times review, Maddow says that Bacevich “dismantles the warrior myth we civilians and politicians so enjoy worshiping from afar, and replaces that idol with flesh and blood, vulnerable humans, who deserve better than the profligate, wasteful way in which we treat them.” Read the full review here.

Drawing from extensive military experience both in the field and in academia, Bacevich delivers a detailed picture of America's current domestic and international policies in his speeches. He explores the pitfalls of the America's military mindset—and how we can, and must, change it going forward. To book Andrew Bacevich as a speaker, contact The Lavin Agency.

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