politics | October 31, 2012

Political Engagement: Reggie Love Wants You To Vote

"My personal preference is for people to go out and vote for Barack Obama," Reggie Love said in a recent radio interview, "but this political process is very important...and even if you aren't going to vote for Barack Obama—go vote for someone." As the long time body man—or top aide—to the President, Love has developed a close relationship with Obama, so it's no surprise that he has Love's glowing endorsement. However, his passion for the importance of the political engagement extends beyond red and blue. In the interview, he detailed the steps voters need to take to cast their ballots this coming Nov. 6—regardless of who they are voting for.

When the radio host asked what Love learned about the president from all his time with him—whether on the campaign trail or on the basketball court—he said that it was Obama's dedication to the American people that really has resonated with him. "The president woke every day and still wakes thinking about the American people," Love said. Considering Love has arguably spent more time with him than anyone in the past four years, it's safe to say he has a pretty good gauge of how the President feels about the country. If Obama's campaign resonates with you, or even if it doesn't, Love urged citizens to get to the polls, either during in-person absentee voting until Nov.3 or on election day later that week.

Even after leaving his role as the President's personal aide, Love has not disappeared from the limelight. As well as studying to obtain his MBA, Love gives entertaining and touching speeches on leadership and unlocking human potential. Drawing on his past experiences working with the man who holds the toughest leadership role on the planet, Love combines his southern charm with hard-hitting takeaways that can be applied to anyone's personal and professional life.

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