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Peter Mansbridge’s Documentary About the State of Human Rights Airs Tonight on CBC

It’s been 70 years since the UN established the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—a set of basic principles to uphold human dignity. In Search of a Perfect World, Peter Mansbridge’s special documentary project, explores the state of human rights today, confronting the subject’s most crucial questions: what is the role of government and corporations in upholding human rights? What is the responsibility of citizens? What are the basic needs of human beings?     

“We travelled to Turkey, China, Hungary, Kenya, Guatemala and Greece,” Mansbridge told CBC. “We saw issues of privacy ignored, asylum not granted, Indigenous rights crushed, aid workers criminalized and the media under police surveillance. But we didn’t stop there. We put both Germany and Canada, supposedly the bright spots on the rights issue, up to the test as well.”


In Search of a Perfect World, which airs tonight (Friday, November 30th) on CBC, reveals a disturbing, fascinating, frightening, and inspiring picture of the current state of humanity. 


Watch the trailer below. 



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