education | September 30, 2013

Personal Finance: Salman Khan In A New Ad For The Khan Academy [VIDEO]

Salman Khan, an education speaker and founder of The Khan Academy, has helped millions of people around the world to sharpen their knowledge thanks to his online tutorials. While he's known today as the guy "flipping the classroom" and "revolutionizing education," Khan actually started his career in finance. That's why his recent partnership with Bank of America makes so much sense. In a new ad (embedded above), Khan explains that the company approached him to help teach people about personal finance. Since they were already doing just that on the site, Khan agreed that a collaboration would be worthwhile. Check out the video to get a brief history of the revolutionary Khan Academy. And, to see how you can use the tools Khan has created not only to sharpen your financial literacy—but to learn a whole lot more, as well.

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