middle east | February 22, 2011

"People Seeing Something Better for Themselves." Humanitarian Richard Heinzl on Libya

Just caught up with Dr. Richard Heinzl, the founder of Doctors Without Borders Canada, who has provided care to many of the world’s most vulnerable populations. He’s doing some research for his keynote this Monday, and incorporating recent and relevant news stories into his main talk, as he’s often asked to do. For this address, he’ll speak briefly and thoughtfully on the uprising in Libya, and try to provide, at the very least, his personal perspective on the humanitarian problems now facing the country.

From Richard:
I can feel what’s sweeping through Libya right now. I’ve seen it all over the world. It’s called self-determination. It’s a human constant. Whether it’s a quiet revolution or a violent uprising, it’s about people seeing something better for themselves and their families. At a certain point it can’t be stopped and people are willing to pay a very high price for it. I saw this first in South Africa when an eighty year old woman voted for the first time in her life. She was prepared to risk everything, including her life, to vote and change her country’s regime.
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