social change | June 02, 2013

People-Power Drives Change: Ben Rattray Talks To Chelsea Clinton

When it comes to making a difference in the world, many people are often skeptical of turning to a petition to spark action. But, as social change speaker Ben Rattray has shown, pairing the traditional petition platform with social media really can elicit change. And media around the world are taking notice of the success that his online petition website has achieved. Recently, special correspondent Chelsea Clinton profiled Rattray and his company in a special segment on NBC.

The power of, Rattray says in the interview, is that it brings people together in a way that was never before possible. "We care about people power at its most fundamental level," he explains, "we don't care about a specific issue but rather empowering people to advance whatever issue they want." Rattray explains that it's important to let people dictate the issues they want to tackle so that they are passionate about empowering others to join their cause. When a group of people work together toward a similar goal, real progress can be made. In the profile segment, NBC interviewed several people who have used's free petition platform. While not all petitions get the desired results, many of those who put forward a cause achieve some degree of positive social change from their efforts.

In this interview, as well as in his keynotes, Rattray speaks passionately about the role of technology in social change ventures. He speaks to the powerful potential that exists in collective action. He's comfortable addressing a variety of audiences on his role at the social enterprise, and teaches people how young entrepreneurs can create their own organizations that are capable of changing the world.

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