digital and social media | May 27, 2013

Overcome The Digital Distraction: Alex Pang's "Elegant" Book Shows You How

If digital gadgets were created with the task of making our lives easier and more convenient, why does it often feel like we're busier and more distracted than ever? Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, author of the new book The Digital Distraction, says we can take control of our digital lives. We just need to start doing simple things like breathing while checking our email (surprisingly, studies have shown that many of us don't) and taking scheduled "Sabbaths" away from our attention-hungry devices. In the book, he outlines a strategy—contemplative computing, he calls it—to help us overcome the distraction of digital technology. Not only that, but he shows us how we can actually use these tools to become happier and more productive.

"Pang’s tome is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to take control of his or her digital life, and it’s a great primer on the interplay between mind and tech," Publishers Weekly says of the book. "The author provides an elegant tour through current neuroscience and an examination of the nature of attention to find better ways to handle our contemporary digital mediascape," the review also says. They add that his digital time-management tips are "concrete, practical, and contemporary." There's a lot of white noise humming around us, but Pang argues that it's possible to filter through the digital buzz. In his keynotes, he shares his take on the new world we live in. Combining new science and philosophy with age-old time management techniques, Pang has crafted a method for redesigning the way we use our now ubiquitous digital devices. By understanding how our minds and bodies react to high-tech advancements, we can learn to focus our attention and build a healthy relationship with the technology that surrounds us.

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