activism | November 15, 2016

Surviving 438 Days in an Egyptian Prison: Human Rights Advocate Mohamed Fahmy’s Memoir, The Marriott Cell

Journalist Mohamed Fahmy’s memoir of his harrowing time spent in Egyptian prison, The Marriott Cell, is in stores today. 

In 2014, the Egyptian-Canadian journalist was jailed in Egypt, falsely accused of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and fabricating news for Al Jazeera. All told, he spent 438 days behind bars in the notorious Scorpion block of Cairo’s Tora Prison, in close quarters with true Muslim Brotherhood members, Al Qaeda militants, and ISIS sympathizers.


But with the help of famed human-rights lawyer Amal Clooney (who wrote the foreword of The Marriott Cell), Fahmy was pardoned and released in September 2015. Now, as a riveting keynote speaker, Fahmy lays his ordeal bare. What does it take to survive solitary confinement, and imprisonment with hardened extremists, a world away from home and family? What role does a free press play in ensuring a just society? And what can NGOs, rights advocates, and others do to help journalists and prisoners of conscience?


For a preview excerpt from The Marriott Cell, head over to Maclean’s magazine. Or better yet, grab a copy—it hits shelves today!


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