social change | June 06, 2013

One Million Bones: Naomi Natale's Visual Petition Comes To Life

Washington DC's National Mall will be transformed this weekend. On June 8 - 10, social change speaker Naomi Natale will turn the national monument into a symbolic mass grave. In the culmination of the One Million Bones project, Natale and droves of other activists, artists, and volunteers will participate in a bone-laying ceremony this weekend. Using what Natale calls a "visual petition," participants will take a stand against genocide and other acts of violence taking place around the world.

Over the course of the project, Natale has collected 1,018,260 handmade bones, she tells The Washington Post. Her vision for the venture was that the process of physically making and seeing the bones would elicit an emotional connection with people. "I knew I wanted to do this One Million project," she says in this article, "[to] bring this issue far away really close to home." Naomi has high expectations for the reaction her event will get. "I know it’s going to be extraordinarily powerful," she adds in the interview. "I consider the Mall to be sacred space and powerful. I think that people feel that when they’re there."

In her moving speeches, Natale advocates the important role art can play in activism and provides audiences with the knowledge and tools to enact the changes that they believe in. While pressing global issues may seem beyond our reach, Natale believes that many small steps go a long way towards lasting change. She shares her message of hope for a brighter tomorrow—and how we can each contribute to a part of that better future.

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