health and wellness | November 05, 2014

On Ebola: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Praises Speaker Laurie Garrett's Coming Plague

During the Ebola crisis, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Laurie Garrett has offered unrivalled commentary on Twitter, through her blog, and as the go-to expert in the media. Her tweets from Liberia are an exemplary use of the medium: dispelling myths and voicing concerns in real time. Garrett's work has gained her an important following. Recently, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—General Martin E. Dempsey—took to Facebook to praise Garrett's work in global health and infectious disease. He writes:

As the Ebola crisis in West Africa is commanding attention around the globe, I recently met with several experts to gain their perspectives. One of those experts, Laurie Garret, authored a book I recently read, The Coming Plague. She wrote it nearly 20 years ago, but its lessons in how disease has shaped human history are uncannily relevant to today’s Ebola crisis. She reminds us that, “Humanity’s ancient enemies are, after all, microbes.” While parts of it read like a horror story, this book is worth the read to understand infectious outbreaks like Ebola and how we’re shaping our national response.

A global health expert and in-demand speaker, Garrett is the only woman to win the three P's of journalism: The Pulitzer, the Peabody, and the Polk Award. She speaks to government agencies, corporations, and various other groups on the ramifications and longterm social, political, and economic impact of Ebola. As her coverage is ongoing, please follow her on Twitter for the latest.

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