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Obama To His "Body Man" Reggie Love: "You better graduate."

When Reggie Love, leadership speaker and former "body man" to the President, told Obama he was leaving his post to pursue an MBA, the response he was given was that of heavyhearted encouragement. In fact, as The National Post writes, "Mr. Obama told him flatly: 'You better graduate.'"

From 2008 until earlier this year, Love was President Obama's top personal aide. As Love told The Post, the job description intitially very loosly defined, as he was tasked with "taking care of stuff" to help "[Mr. Obama] to run for president." Over time, however, Love's role became much more than that—and his place in Obama's life has yet to be replaced.

"Soon enough, Mr. Love quite naturally became part of Mr. Obama’s inner circle," the article reads, "spending the better part of each day with him — from morning workout sessions, to watching sports highlights on ESPN at night, to squaring off on the basketball court."

The intimate relationship between Love and the President has taught him invaluable lessons on leadership and personal drive. Starting off in the mailroom, Love's hard work and dedication turned heads and eventually landed him a role that saw him become closer to the President than almost anyone else in the world. Not only did Love teach Obama about Jay-Z and fistbumps, he became a friend and confidant who was privy to the behind-the-scenes reality of politics. Now, in his sweeping talks on harnessing opportunity and achieving your goals, Love shares his unique experiences to show audiences that it's possible to make it from the mailroom to the White House.

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