social entrepreneurs | January 18, 2011

No Handouts: Kiva Co-founder Jessica Jackley Talks About Poverty, Money, and Love

In her recent TED Talk, the wonderfully upbeat Jessica Jackley explains the motivations that led her to start KIVA, and tells us why the unique connections created between lenders and lendees separates microfinance from traditional charity. What makes microfinance different? Respect and love. Jessica explains that people living in poverty are not just looking for handouts. They simply want the same power that we so often take for granted: the ability to borrow money to build something bigger. When we give not only money, but also love, we just might be able to “make tomorrow better than today.” From co-founding KIVA to launching ProFounder (her new crowdsouring project for small U.S. businesses), Jessica Jackley stands proudly at the forefront of today’s social entrepreneur speakers.

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